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Starlight Headliner

Our Starlight Headliner is a mesmerizing Spiffy Auto Detailing Bespoke feature. Making every journey a magical experience with a starry scene above you. Under the stars and above all.

What does Star Lighting Include?

Full installation of Star Lighting includes all color options, music mode, 4 twinkle speeds via remote and/or phone application.

  • 400-800 Fiber Optic Star Lights Installed
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Custom Star Light Effects
  • Interchangeable Colours
  • In App Functionality

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Star lighting prices differ on vehicle types due to size of the vehicle and complexity. Contact us to install this exquisite new addition into your vehicle and changing your vehicle experience.

Average turnaround is only 2-3 Days. This turn around time does not include fabric changes.

Enhance your vehicle with Star Lighting

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